Music That Inspires

Occasionally I will hear a song that moves me and I will tweet about it to share it with the world. Then that usually prompts another song, then another, and the next thing you know I have a thread of tweets about songs that moved my soul. Sometimes hours would past as I listen to great music, or watch the videos on YouTube and tweet about it.

It definitely is a welcome break from the tyranny we are presently living under in the USA. And of course to some these are the greatest of times, cue the folks always waxing nostalgic about the 1920s and the 1950s a time when white supremacy reigned, the terrorist group KKK was at an all time high, jim crow laws reigned in the south and de facto segregation existed in the north. It was NOT the greatest of times for many millions of people. For them it was a time of intense oppression, terror, death, destruction, disease, and poverty. But the media and news agencies love to hail back to that time.

So, for me it is quite welcoming to take a musical break and escape the hate that just won't die.

What I Dreamed Last Night

Today, I woke up in a mood. I had a disturbing dream about some old white man who jumped my fence, which is locked, and climbed through my open dining room window. I caught him as he put a leg through the window and I didn't have anything to defend myself with, so I kept throwing spices in his face until he climbed the fence and left. Well he left after he kept spewing some nonsense I long forgot. In the dream I was amped, plenty angry. I closed and locked the window, but I was angry over the indignity of that old white man thinking he was well in his right to climb through a window to come into my house and rob me.

As I was pish poshing about that I looked out the window and noticed a younger white man with black hair and piercing blue eyes looking at his phone walking past my dining room window. I wagged my finger at him. My house is surrounded by a fence, since when is the side yard a thoroughfare. I turned around and the fool was standing in my house asking to use my bathroom. I asked him how did he get in. He said, I walked through the wall. I said oh you're a vampire. At that point I had enough of the stupid dream and woke up.

Inspirational Music Uplifts the Heart

But, upon waking I was in a funk. Saddened by the billion animals that died in the fires in Australia. Just heart heavy and overwhelmingly bored. So, I decided to continue working on a project with my NAS and computer - a big backup job - and came across some music. So, I took the bait and chased a rabbit and listened to one song that started to chip away at my sorrow:
I decided to listen to another song by Kierra Sheard: Indscribable and added another tweet:
The this song by Fred Hammond really lifted me:
And finally, after listening to more music on my NAS (network attached storage device), I heard this  song by Israel Hougton that solidified that my spirits were indeed lifting:

This will be an on-going section in my blog

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