COVID-19 Pandemic: The Grocery Store

I had to run some errands this evening and stopped by Kroger's, the grocery store, on the way back home. I live in a suburb outside of Houston, Texas. As I left the store there were three workers, looked like teenagers, black, congregating by the door with no masks on. When I walked past they laughed.
I don’t blame them for laughing, because as you can see I look quite funny.

But, I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, walked back over to them and said, "I have an aunt on a ventilator, she’s been on it for two weeks, my brother was in the hospital for two weeks, I have a cousin who was sick and another cousin who just died. So, I might look funny, but at least I am Fucking safe."

I loaded up my car, just filled with anguish. I was so angry that they were by the door close to customers passing right by them, no masks, just congregating with no regard for their lives.

When I stopped for the second light I just started crying. I was crying for my aunt on the ventilator. She is more like a big sister, since she is just five years older than me. And crying that most, MOST of the people dying from COVID-19 look like me, they are African-American and young people are just congregating.

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