COVID-19 Pandemic

I have been reluctant to blog about this pandemic.
WHO COVID-19 Dashboard Map

Well, not initially. I had initially planned to do a series of blog posts about the pandemic and sprinkle them with my micro-blogging.

I may still do that. But, today I feel reluctant to blog because I have loved ones battling this virus. 

One is out of the hospital, one is in the hospital, one may go to the hospital, and another lost their battle at home. 
I am a whole host of emotions right now. But, I wasn't really until a few hours ago - well that would be until the evening of April 7, 2020 - since it is now the wee hours of April 8, 2020 as I am writing this. 

I am outraged - and really OUTRAGED over the hate and greed that consumes the United States of America. Because of the greed & hate so many Americans are losing their lives. 
I could hear the wailing of families today and it immediately brought me to the wailing women & families in the  the Bible - In the Old Testament, during the time of Moses in Egypt when they ordered the babies killed and in the New Testament in Israel during the times of the birth of the Christ - the Messiah, when they ordered the babies and toddlers killed. 

Chinese women and families understand, because during the transition to the one child family massive abortions and infanticides occurred - many forced on women. And tons of infanticide occurred to baby girls and handicapped babies. 
I think hearing the somberness in my mother's voice as she was dealing with the gravity of her cousin's family dealing with the loss of a father/ grandfather/ brother/ husband/ friend makes things more sober & somber.
I could hear the wailing of so many families in NYC as the dead bodies piled up. I could hear the internal screams and cries of people gasping for air all over the country and I am reminded of that idiotic National Geographic photographer who posted a video without warning of a dying otter who ate something that poisoned it. 

I was outraged that I watched one of my beloved animals suffering and it took me some time before I realized what I was seeing, once I did I quickly stopped the video and stopped following that photographer. I was outraged that that stupid greedy, self-righteous photographer did not do everything in his power to save that animal, but instead stood there and recorded its long and horrible death, making me wonder if he poisoned him. 
WHO COVID-19 Dashboard USA
And I am outraged that while people are sick and dying Mitch McConnell is scheming, the Supreme Court is destroying the rights that so many people fought and died for, so that my generation and future generations could be free. 

I am outraged - damn near seething with anger over the callousness of leadership and corporations in this country. I was so naive to think the things I was taught in school about this country was in the past and still not part of the fabric of this country. So yeah, I will post about the COVID-19 global pandemic - though my postings may be somewhat different from other bloggers, newscasters, and faith leaders.

Yes, I have grappled with: 
  • is this a plague from God? 
  • did the government create this virus?
  • is this mother nature's way of trying to stop the pestilence of humanity from destroying it?
I don't have the answer to where & why this virus IS - only that it IS and it is ravaging the world.

WHO COVID-19 Dashboard Americas
What I do have are my premonitions - my thoughts on the absolute horrendous job the 45th president of the USA and his minions are doing with this outbreak in America - and my feelings from having family members suffer from this disease.

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