Minneapolis Protests - My Life Matters

There is a scene in the first Marvel Avengers movie where the Black Widow is talking with Loki. At the conclusion of the conversation, the Black Widow gets on the radio and says that Loki intends to rile up the Hulk.

For decades white racists/supremacists have planned for the inevitable race war. They are the only ones planning for it. But, filled with blood lust they do everything they can to provoke us, rile us up. They insult, oppress, and kill us. They are so full of blood lust that they will burn the country to the ground to get their race war.

Every mass shooting or police execution, we march and protest - crying out for change - nothing happens. So we weep, we kneel, we pray, we run for office, we educate ourselves and become lawyers and judges. We try to work within the system to improve and change the system.

But if you keep poking the bear the bear will eventually strike back.

George Floyd did not have to die.
The police was shooting at peaceful protestors when the riots broke out. This girl was shot twice by the police as she ran AWAY
Out of the mouth of babes:
What MLK said:

No Justice No Peace No Racist Police

#iMatter #MyLifeMatters #BlackLivesMatter

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