Trauma and the Nexus of Racism

Post Traumatic Stress Injury, collectively all of black and brown America has it.
A 17 year old girl recorded the live death of George Floyd as a hate filled racist police officer took a knee on his neck in all his blue lives matter glory. That racist cop was fired and protestors want him and the other three cops in Minneapolis, MN charged and convicted of first degree murder.

A Message to White America, The Majority

You have the power to fix this problem, a problem of your ancestors creation and your perpetuation. 

Burn Burn Burn

Pain, helplessness, anguish, and frustration erupts as the protestors burn down the police precinct in Minneapolis. No police are present and the fire department is not coming. The governor dispatches the national guard while protestors set off fireworks.

Possible Gas Lines are Cut - Possible Explosion


Tonight's protests flared up when the DA announced he would not be arresting the officer because there were other evidence that do not support criminal charges. The Mayor is calling for the ex-officer's arrest.

Donald Trump Calls for Civil War

He actually used a quote from a Miami mayor from 1967: "When the looting starts, the shooting starts" So different, from when he told his base to charge the democratic governors with their guns. 

The National Guard should ignore POTUS 45's request to use deadly force.
More on the origin of that quote:
A longer article:
Reactions to what Trump said:
George Floyd was not resisting arrest as those cops claimed. There are plenty of videos and witnesses:
The Police Officer who slowly killed George Floyd, knew him and worked with him for 17 years according to this report:
Zendaya sums up the collective feelings of all Black America:
#iMatter #MyLifeMatters #BlackLivesMatter

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