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Why the Rebrand?

I rebranded the the blog to reflect more of what is driving me to write and soon podcast. The previous title A Voice Crying in the Desert was more a reflection of my spiritual growth, calling, and evolution. However, my blog postings really revolved more around lifestyle and social issues. Spirituality encompasses all of that, but the name, Tanya Talks is more a reflection of what I am doing with this blog. And it does not constrict me from branching out to different topics.
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Will I Discuss Spirituality?

Definitely, I am not a woman who lives in compartments. My faith is not a cloak I put on and take off as it pleases me. So when warranted I will touch on matters of faith, or rather matters of the heart and conscience. Look I get deep and this blog will reflect that. I also like the lighter side of life and at times I will blog about that. This is just an eclectic space and I hope you join me for the ride and enjoy the ride.


I want this blog to be a casual space where everyone is comfortable to discuss, well, LIFE. So, let's get to talking - I've been mulling the name Tanya Talks for my podcast & blog for a few years and now is the perfect time to change the name. I'm presently working on my calendar so I will have scheduled dates when blog posts go live. Presently, I am thinking through some themes to blog and podcast about, however I may step in and post a blog that is dealing with a current event.


I am really focusing on managing stress and as such I've stepped away from watching the news and am focusing on mind - body - spirit. I may not be the next Rachel Maddow, but I hope I will be your home girl from around the way, and we can have a blast talking about you know the stuff Tanya likes to talk about.

Thanks for following my blog. Cheers.
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