Severed the Chain - Deactivated Twitter Account & Podcast Update

There has been so much change upheavel and turmoil over at Twitter since musk has taken over. But turmoil has always been the name of the game as that platform has been just a bastion of hate & terror. Don't get me wrong, twitter games, live tweeting shows, black twitter, #caturday have all been fun. As well as being a part of a movement or live tweeting during disasters. So, as much as twitter is a pustule on society it also was a great place to hang out, connect with "a" community and be on the cusp of current events.

My experience with the platform since I originally joined in 2011 has been rocky, like I've spent more time on rough seas than on peaceful shores. And it really became obvious when I realized how much I was clenching my jaw when I read twitter and how peaceful my other handles on twitter were, the onese where I barely tweeted and only followed certain brands. It was night and day.

Besides the constant crazy from Elon Musk and watching the dumpster fire, the platform really doesn't align with my business objectives and values anymore. My tweets were throttled, so I am not getting engagement nor building a customer base. It just is time for me to get away from busywork and get busy with building the Tanya Talks podcast and website. As much as I enjoy microblogging, I will invest more time in longform blogging and securing some gigs so I can get PAID for my writing.

I'm ready to do some travelling. I got a few projects in the pipeline and I need to secure funding so I can get busy on them. All of that means cutting out distractions. I still want to engage with people, but social media has turned out to be anything but social and it has become a place of gripes, owning people, and one upping. I did not like what it was turning me into.

It's like they always say, if you are in a relationship with someone who is not bringing out the best in you, you need to get out of that relationship. Social media was not bringing out the best in me, and I don't like not being the best version of myself.

I still have my Podbean, Soundcloud, and YouTube sites. I am strategizing on maximizing my efforts and where I can build an audience. YouTube isn't it, because of the algorithm and that means throttling & being placed in purgutory. Soundcloud, I don't think will do it either. So, hosting on Podbean may be my best bet, especially since Spotify has changed their podcasting strategy and I won't touch anchor. So, I'll do more research and see about getting an agent or representation to shop around my podcast so I can get some revenue from it. Otherwise all of the effort that I put into it will be busy work. And don't mind me, if I was wealthy, I wouldn't care about whether the podcast was paying. But since I'm not, I do have to care about how I make money, because none of this is free.


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