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I Did A Thing: Building a Patio

I built a patio with my own hands and strength. Yup, I did this thing, and I am a rock star! I extended my existing builder brick patio by approximately 200 sqft with pavers from Pavestone , style: Panorama , color: travertine. I'm planning to get my lawn aerated the end of June, once that is done, I will finish the patio area by adding top soil and sod where the patio ends so there is a smooth transition from the patio to the lawn and you won't see the edging. Drama Why did I choose the build the patio myself in 90 degree heat in Houston, TX? Well a few years ago, I planned to extend my patio with concrete. I wanted the concrete to be colored, not stained, but colored throughout the same color as the grout in the bricks on my existing patio so that it would be cohesive. And with a brick surround, so it flowed nicely.  I also wanted to create a walkway on the side of my house, plain concrete.  All of the quotes I received were 2 - 3 times what I estimated. So, I did not go forw

Permanently Deleted Twitter Account

I permanently deleted my twitter account.  There is no customer service at that company. The bots are crazy and they locked my account because they claimed I was harassing lice. See my post  Twitter Loves Sea Lice  for background information on my decision. Microblogging is a great way to communicate instantly. However, it does not serve its purpose if it operates in a sea of toxicity and the company operating the platform does not perform even the most basic customer support and service.