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Is Meghan Markle Using the Victim Card? - Suicidal Ideation is not Victimhood

Marjorie Wallace , the Chief Executive of the charity SANE , which she founded in 1986, states Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is playing the victim card for sharing when she had suicidal ideation . Shaming a person for having a mental health crisis is profane. And is a more scurrilous thing for the founder and leader of a mental health charity to say.  On SANE's website they list their vision, aims and mission .  And states that one of their goals is: Influencing policy and public attitudes by increasing understanding of mental illness Suicidal Ideation is not Victimhood How can you be focused on promoting mental health awareness, policy and understanding for the past 26-27 years and then shame and other, not just the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, but the entirety of people dealing with and managing various mental health conditions. She has effectively silenced them and said if you speak up about having suicidal ideation you are playing the victim card . An extremel

Get Up and Get Out

 Tuesday Morning, January 17, 2023, I got up and got out.  I watched a YouTube video a few months back where the speaker spoke about breaking habits and pushing past the guilt, among other things, by just doing one simple thing when you wake up in the morning. Get Out and Walk. Not a marathon, not a sprint or a jog, just go for a walk. Then come back in the house and tackle one thing. I have cats so I can't get up and go out immediately. I have to tend to my furbabies first, get them fed, let them out and then go out. I told myself before I went to sleep Monday night to just get out when you wake up. I'd done it before and I loved it, then I got distracted, stopped and fell back into old patterns.  Tuesday morning I really wasn't in the mood to go for a walk. Even though walking is one of my favorite pastimes. I told my self to walk to the bridge (where the creek is) and come back. My body was achy from sitting all day Monday. Because for the second day in a row I got up an