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We Are Done Dying - Black Lives Matter Protests

In the midst of a highly contagious and deadly pandemic (COVID-19), American Citizens rise up to confront a much deadlier virus, a contagion so deadly that it threatens to destroy the very fabric of our republic, and that contagion is systemic/structured police brutality at the hands of those who have sworn to serve and protect. However, that protection seems to never be afforded to black and brown people in the United States of America. Dr. Martin Luther King, spoke eloquently in the 1960s that We Shall Overcome, and folk singer Joan Baez sings the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement to an audience in Europe. How apropos as we march in protest to the horrific murder of George Floyd, who died at the hand of an evil rogue police officer in Minneapolis, MN on Memorial Day May 25, 2020; this officer who took a knee on George Floyd's neck.  Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY), stands with the protesters, as they march all across this country and the world exclaiming: I Can't Breathe, No Jus

Trauma and the Nexus of Racism

Post Traumatic Stress Injury, collectively all of black and brown America has it. A 17 year old girl recorded the live death of George Floyd as a hate filled racist police officer took a knee on his neck in all his blue lives matter glory. That racist cop was fired and protestors want him and the other three cops in Minneapolis, MN charged and convicted of first degree murder. She is 17. A child. And if what she recorded traumatizes you as it does me, imagine what it’s done to her. Imagine what seeing their loved one killed in the street would do to #GeorgeFloyd ’s family. Did any of those officers consider that, even for a moment? — Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) May 28, 2020 A Message to White America, The Majority You have the power to fix this problem, a problem of your ancestors creation and your perpetuation.  "We are really just battling one problem. America as a tale of two cities," says @ch

Minneapolis Protests - My Life Matters

There is a scene in the first Marvel Avengers movie where the Black Widow is talking with Loki. At the conclusion of the conversation, the Black Widow gets on the radio and says that Loki intends to rile up the Hulk. For decades white racists/supremacists have planned for the inevitable race war. They are the only ones planning for it. But, filled with blood lust they do everything they can to provoke us, rile us up. They insult, oppress, and kill us. They are so full of blood lust that they will burn the country to the ground to get their race war. Every mass shooting or police execution, we march and protest - crying out for change - nothing happens. So we weep, we kneel, we pray, we run for office, we educate ourselves and become lawyers and judges. We try to work within the system to improve and change the system. But if you keep poking the bear the bear will eventually strike back. #minneapolisriots I hear nothing but facts — JTP

I Matter, My Life Matters, Black Lives Matter

Memorial Day, a day started in the 1800s by African Americans to honor their fallen soldiers. It morphed into a national holiday as a day of respect for all fallen soldiers. Instead of being a day of respect, honor, solemnity, and family togetherness, this day started with an extreme act of violence when #CentralParkKaren called the police on a Black man who asked her to obey the law and put her dog back on leash. Thankfully Christian Cooper has his life and Amy Cooper (no relation) no longer has her dog, her job, nor her reputation.  George Floyd Sadly, things did not go that well for George Floyd in Minneapolis, who lost his life when a group of police officers decided to Take a Knee  on his neck and publicly lynch him. His crime, he allegedly forged a document, which is code for paying with a check while Black. Regardless if he did or did not commit a crime it was a non-violent offense and did not warrant a violent response from 4 armed police officers. Those cops killed