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Welcome to Tanya Talks™ 
I am Tanya Owens, and I have a background in radio & television production, Christian ministry,  adult learning, performance improvement, and organizational development.


Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Radio & Television Production (that degree is now split between two different degree programs: Communications & Digital Media Production) and a Minor in Music from SUNY New Paltz. I also studied German while in college.

Three Master's degrees:
  1. Attended Seminary and obtained two degrees from Oral Roberts University School of Theology & Missions, now called the College of Theology & Ministry
    1. Master of Arts in Biblical Literature.  
      Biblical Literature is the collection of writings that make up the Bible. Utilizing exegesis (critical interpretation) and hermeneutics (the science of interpretive principles) perspectives, tools and methods to interpret biblical content responsibly and perceptively. In order to better interpret Old and New Testament content, the curriculum helped  develop a working knowledge of biblical languages. I studied biblical Hebrew, biblical Greek and theological German.
    2. Master of Arts in Advanced Languages. 
      As an expansion of the Bib. Lit. degree I studied these additional biblical languages: Aramaic, Syriac, and Ugaritic and translated two books of the Bible - Ruth & Mark as well as several passages in other books.
  2. Master of Science in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation from Syracuse University.
Instructional design is the process of creating learning experiences that are effective, efficient, and engaging for learners. It involves a comprehensive approach that considers the needs of learners, the objectives of learning, and the constraints of resources. It is both a systematic and systemic process.


  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI 
    Issued Jul 2011 · Expired Jul 2017 · Credential ID 1437146
  • Accelerating Implementation Methodology Accreditation (AIM), IMA
    Issued Jun 2009 · Expired Jun 2013
  • Human Performance Improvement (HPI) I-V Certificate, ASTD 2008
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification, Pfizer 2008
  • Managing the Learning Function, ASTD 2008
  • Essential Facilitation, Interaction Associates 2008

Proudest Career Accomplishment

2012 Pfizer Global Health Fellow - China 
Addressed health issues for underserved populations in China.

Who am I?

A woman who hates labels and being confined to descriptions that boxes you in. What I do to earn money is only one facet of who I am. But, to satisfy this field on my blog: I am a writer, photographer, and a content creator. I am  passionate about my pets, well they think I am their pet, social justice, nature, and God. This blog started as a way to talk about my passions and musings, such as: travel, my personal evolution, and exegeting and expositing the Scripture.

However, it has evolved to more than that. I am apolitical. My politics lean right/left/middle/etc. I am not your typical anything. Since I was a little girl, my favorite subject in school was social studies, and as an adult I am still intrigued with history and current events as it relates to social issues, especially justice.

What is life if you sit by comfortable while people are oppressed? 

What is life, if you are being oppressed by an evil regime
and you don’t try to break free from the chains?

I cannot sit idly by and do nothing. Someone once said the pen is mightier than the sword. So this blog is A Voice Crying in the Desert. Or A Woman Screaming in the Wind. And as such will at times consist of random ramblings, targeted social action, faith in practice, and life in general.

Feeling your Feelings - Telling your Truth.

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