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Tanya Talks™ Podcast - Coming Soon

 Podcast Coming Soon Hey y'all I am chomping at the bit working on a podcast. It takes a village, but since I don't have one, I am gonna jack of all trades this thing!  Presently I am working on securing a host - testing out a few platforms now before I decide on one.  Topics As for the topics, I'm mapping out the podcast content. Y'all know this blog is a mixture of current events and life stuff so that podcast will be that too. It will be topical in nature and organic. So #StayTuned

Let's Talk about Flooding in Houston

When I moved back to the Houston Area in 2014 I was quickly reminded that Houston, Harris County and the surrounding counties flood. Not a little flood, but major drastic floods. And why do they flood? Simple answer, greed. Humans have been on this planet for thousands of years. Some even believe for millions of years. However long humans have been on this planet, it has been long enough that they should understand the basics of ecosystems, geology, and how water works. European settlers in the Americas and Australia did not respect the land and as consequence they have caused great harm to the lands they migrated to. Why did this happen? They did not observe, respect, and retain how the local indigenous people treated the land. Instead they brought with them practices that worked for them in Europe. And many instances there was nothing wrong with that, except in many areas where the ecology, geography, climate and topology was drastically different from what they knew and experienced

Created New Professional Twitter Account

In June I posted that I permanently deleted my personal twitter account that I had since 2011. And I do not intend to create another personal account. However, I did create a brand account for Tanya Talks on twitter. My handle is @TalksTanya . Tanya Talks on Twitter Microblogging should complement this blog and the podcast and anything else that spins out from this venture. I'll make sure not to mention lice since Twitter LOVES lice. Follow @TalksTanya