The Antidote to Anxiety - Moving Past Fear to Hope

As I am putting the finishing touches on my main website, testing it and making enhancements, I am reminded of Scripture that reminds us not to worry or fear, which is particularly salient now because I am embarking on several new ventures that frankly can cause one to worry and fear. But, instead of worrying and being filled with anxiety and fear I will put my trust in my Lord & Savior.

Music that Inspires

This week's #MusicThatInspires is by Anthony Brown & group therAPy. Their video Trust In You blessed me and I hope it blesses you too.

2024 Pipeline

Exciting things are in the pipeline for 2024. I'm not at liberty to discuss everything, but I am excited to announce the refresh of my main website coming March 2024. In tandem with the website refresh I opened several online stores which complements my website and is where everyone can purchase my art and branded products. I invite you to go visit three of my online stores:
  1. | I sell Wall-art and other products featuring my art
  2. | My Artful Attire™ line, featuring all over print clothing
  3. | I sell home décor, stationary, apparel, and accessories featuring my art.

I am still tracking to release the Tanya Talks podcast 4th Qtr 2024. Don't worry 😉 I am planning a really immersive experience with the podcast. It will be rolled out in phases, with phase one the first season of the podcast & main website. As the date approaches I will detail more. So, bookmark this space and stay tuned.

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